Pin Grading System

We will always do our best to ensure these handmade goods are the highest quality as possiblePlease refer to our grading system below for our quality checking standards:


"a-grade" and highest quality pins
*minor* imperfections may include the following:
♢ small scratches or scruffs on surfaces
♢ small pores or faint dust in enamel
♢ slight discoloration in metal


contain *few* noticeable imperfections, which can include:

♢ small black marks on enamel 
♢ noticeable scratches or scruffs on surfaces
♢ noticeable tiny pores in enamel
♢ noticeable faint specs/dust


these pins exhibit noticeable flaws/imperfections
offered at a discounted price!

multiple imperfections can include the following:

♢ lower quality/leaking/overflow of enamel 
♢ deep scratches, scruffs. or excess enamel on surfaces
♢ low fills in larger or visually prominent areas
♢ posts are loose/wiggly/bent
♢ noticeable black specs or dust
♢ unforeseen problems or imperfections such as color errors.


Enamel pin colors may vary depending on your screen/photo editing.

When purchasing any enamel pin, it is assumed that you have read, understood, and agreed to this grading scale.
Thank you for reading! ♡